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Promo tickets on limited offer (usable until June 14, 2024)

  • Gardaland entrance ticket for 1 day valid for both adults and concessions at €39.00 (Purchase valid with a minimum quantity of 3 tickets)
  • Gardaland + Sea Life entrance ticket for 1 day valid for both adults and reduced prices at €44.00 (Purchase valid with a minimum quantity of 3 tickets)
  • Gardaland Sea Life entrance ticket for 1 day valid for both adults and reduced prices at €9.00 instead of €16.00

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The park
Gardaland Park

Live the most magical adventure in the most famous park in Italy!

All the attractions of Gardaland Park offer a special combination of adventure, adrenaline, dreams and fantasy: tackle the rapids in the heart of the jungle, try thrilling descents, take part in the Arctic Mammoth convoy, attend the fantastic shows and daydream in Fantasy Kingdom , Peppa Pig Land and in all themed areas. Fun is guaranteed for everyone, even the little ones!
In addition to the attractions, Gardaland Park offers many engaging shows for the whole family.

News 2023
This year don't miss the incredible and highly anticipated news of the 2023 season:
Jumanji® - The Labyrinth - based on the popular, best-selling Jumanji film series from Sony Pictures. An exclusive and exciting experience suitable for families with children of all ages and groups of friends who, starting next spring, will have the chance to experience the adventurous world of Jumanji in a completely new way. So...

Drought threatens Jumanji's very existence! It no longer rains, the wells have dried up and the water has stopped flowing in the rivers. Only you can save the situation by returning the sacred Jewel to the elephant temple, which will make the waters flow to the earth again.
Venture into the Labyrinth, face the dangerous mirror games of an ancient temple and delve into an adventurous dark tunnel - but beware of poisonous snakes! Finally, enter the labyrinth of the wild jungle, with its countless pitfalls and surprises.
Will you be able to overcome the Labyrinth and save Jumanji?
Good luck adventurer!

What attractions do you find in Gardaland Park?

Gardaland awaits you with over 40 attractions suitable for all tastes and all ages and you can choose the experience you want to live by immersing yourself in a fantastic world or living an adventure or chasing adrenaline.

The Fantasy attractions are dedicated to the little ones, in particular children can have fun at Fantasy Kingdom where they will find the House of Parsley and Parsley Land with many games and slides. Not to be missed is the entirely themed Peppa Pig Land area with the 4 very popular attractions in the area: Pirate Island, Peppa Pig's Hot Air Balloon, Grandpa Pig's Train and Peppa Pig's house where children can meet their darling to take a souvenir photo together. One of the most acclaimed experiences for young guests is also the chance to meet the 44 cats! Lampo, Milady, Pilou and Polpetta – the very nice protagonists of one of the TV series most loved by children.

Adventure attractions are dedicated to adventurers of all ages. You can tackle the wild rapids of Jungle Rapids or the breathtaking river descents of Colorado Boat , you can go in search of the lost civilization of Escape from Atlantis , or climb aboard the legendary arctic train of Mammoth . Don't miss the adventurous journey into the world of The Corsairs and the brand new Jumanji The Adventure, the dark ride for adventurers of all ages to which the new 2023 Jumanji The Labyrinth will be added!

For thrill-seekers, the Adrenaline attractions do not disappoint those looking for breathtaking thrills: from the supersonic jet Blue Tornado , to the winged roller coasters of Raptor or the vertically diving ones of Oblivion , rather than the 40 meter high launch tower of Space Vertigo , every moment is pure adrenaline. And with Shaman the roller coaster experience joins the legendary world of the sacred spirits of the Native Americans.

Gardaland SEA LIFE Aquarium

After a day at the Park, don't miss the opportunity to visit the inimitable Gardaland SEA LIFE Aquarium: explore the underwater world in the wonderful themed aquarium!

Through 40 entirely themed pools, you will be transported on an exciting journey to discover the fresh waters of nearby Lake Garda up to the deepest seas and oceans.
You'll be able to encounter more than 5,000 amazing sea creatures at close range thanks to large windows, child-sized transparent domes and a breathtaking ocean tunnel! You will be breathless as sharks, stingrays and a beautiful Napoleon fish swim undisturbed right above your head! Don't miss the meeting with the Sea Lions, an appointment that will leave you with a sea of emotions!

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